Lon Works to Serial Interface

Product ID: Open_IO LON_SIF Node

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The LON_SIF node ( LonWorks to serial interface) converts LonWorks from other nodes employing Echelon's Lontalk network protocol to standard Modbus protocol (RTU mode) for communication with Open_MMI/Open_SCADA computer through RS232/RS422/RS485 serial interface, achieve real time monitoring and control application. It can connect up to 64 Open_IO mode in one LonWorks channel through 78Kbps twisted-pair network bus.
Item Description
No. of Open_IO node 64
Power source 24VDC
Isolation system transformer (use TP/XF-78)
Comm. speed RS232/RS422/RS485: 19.2Kbps, LonWorks: 78Kbps
Indication Rx Led for receive, Tx Led for transmit
Power consumption 40~50mA
  • 3 stack-based pipeline microprocessors.
  • Program/data in Flash RAM / SRAM/EEPROM.
  • LonWorks technology.
  • Complete OSI 7 layers.
  • Distributed event driven.
  • Manual plug and play.
  • Auto installation and id.
  • Watch dog timer.
  • Transformer isolated.
  • Peer to peer operation.
  • Highly compact design.
  • Full tag description.
  • Easy assembly.
  • User friendly wiring.
  • Accessories in same pack.
  • Replace node without disturbing wire.

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