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Product ID: A5-20S48V

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Cetus Power Adaptor solves all your problems. Does your lap-top's cable fit in the outlet? Always worry about the different voltages across countries? Now, you can finally get rid of these irritating matters. We provide all kinds of items from 3W to 150W to meet your needs.

This power adaptor includes Wall-mount type and Desk-top type, both for single and dual output. We are proud to say that when regarding our item, the CEC IV Efficiency Regulations Compliant products and safety certification of UL, CUL, TUV, LPS, CB, BSMI, CEC is approved. This specific device is widely used as energy supply for all kinds of commercial and industrial electrical products from 3W to 150W.

Cetus has been developing high quality power adaptors for years. With expertise and professional technique, the provider is confident in manufacturing top quality device which can fulfill customer’s expectation. To acquire extra information, please feel free to send your inquiry. We are eager to provide you with our kind service.


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Power Adaptor, DC Converter, RJ45 Connector, Ethernet Transformer

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