Scart Cable

Product ID: CB-1001CG/CB-1005SG/CB-1009BG

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Scart cable is widely used throughout the UK and across Europe. It is the most common connection between audio visual equipment such as DVD Players, Sky Digi boxes, Freeview boxes, and VCRs to TV displays, plasma TVs and LCD TVs. Each of our item has a 21 pin connector each end and is capable of carrying audio, video and data signals. There are two main types of our scart cable including crimping or soldering type, fully wired and RGB only. The adapter improves clarity and strengths the signal transferring. With superior-grade, 99.99%-purity copper conductors, it provides maximum isolation from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, offering the excellent sound quality.


Chang Yang has the excelled experience to produce the scart cable for more than 20 years, and it can be widely trusted as the best manufacturer in this market. In 2008, Chang Yang purchased automatic production machines for single and duel Scart sockets, attempting to improve the quality for its own items. With top quality but at a reasonable price, we are confident that our products will satisfy each customer.

  • The Length of the product is customizable
  • Metal to Metal Scart Plug 21 Pins
  • Assembly Type
  • Crimping or Soldering Type
  • Nickel Plated or Gold Plated
  • Connect a VCR, DVD or cable box to your television
  • Provides maximum isolation from electromagnetic and radio frequency interference with shielded construction
  • Improves clarity with superior-grade, 99.99%-purity copper conductors
  • Strengthens signal transfer
  • Creates precise contact and increased durability with corrosion-resistant
  • Eliminates the corrosion that is common in bare, copper-braided or spiral shielding
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • FCC

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