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The guard patrol system, GuardTrak, is a guard patrol tour data collecting terminal based on RFID technology. Its function is to scan RFID chips that have been preset in place around the route that requires patrolling. The guard patrol systems were developed to aid and efficiently program and supervise their guard activities. By using the GuardTrak security system, possibility of theft, fire and industrial accidents will be greatly reduced.

In the system, the guard carries a small portable data collection terminal on his patrol. By scanning RFID tags which are set at fixed locations and the details contained within them are stored in a journal memory for later analysis. RFID cards or keytags can be installed in any location very quickly without wiring, making it the most convenient, effective and economical guard patrol system.

Way Fu was established in 1980, and was the very first time recording machine manufacturer in Taiwan. With over 20 years of experiences in this industry, we have already become one of the leading Guard Patrol Systems suppliers by non-stop innovating. If you have any question about our products, please feel free to contact us.

  • Data collecting hand-held device
    • Weight : approx. 240gram
    • Size(HWD) : 210 x 73 x 40(mm)
    • Power supply :
    • Rechargeable lithium batteries (3.7V)
    • Operating temperature: -10 to 55 Deg. C
  • Station box
    • Weight approx.949gram
    • Size(HWD): 240 x 139 x 90(mm)
    • Power supply:
    • Adaptor INPUT AC100~240V﹜OUTPUT 6V...3A
    • Operating temperature: Room temperature
  • Basic package
    • Hand-held data collecting device
    • Printer station with integrated battery charger
    • Thermal paper roll
    • Master chip
    • 3 Personnel tages
    • 10 Checkpoint chips
  • Optional
    • Personnel ID tags
    • Start & End cards
    • Incident cards
  • Applications
    • Commercial building patrolling
    • Community & School patrolling
    • Factories & Warehouse patrolling
    • Airport & Car Park patrolling
    • Sports Ground & Park patrolling
    • Hotel & Hospital patrolling
  • Data analyzer & battery charger in one
  • Integrated printer
  • 3200 booking memory capacity
  • RFID checkpoint chips
  • Impact-resistant to protect stored data
  • Water proof

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