Catalyst For Small Engine Application, Catalyst For Automobile

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Catalyst For Small Engine Application:
Using small engine to power two wheelers, three wheelers vehicle, chain saw, lawn mower, and generation set provide us a very convenience life. Where as large population of motorcycle and moped running in the city emit huge amount of toxic gases of CO, HC, and NOx. LYDS has developed catalyst technologies to meet most stringent emission standards worldwide. Our catalyst technologies can meet with Taiwan phase III, India 4/2000, Thailand 7/99 emission standards, and many more. The catalyst durability life can last up to 30,000 km.
Our ONE STEP catalyst technology enables us to coat very uniform layer with even precious metal concentration which can increase conversion rate, enhance high temperature resistance, and provide poison resistance.
Catalyst For Automobile:
LYDS has also installed advanced testing equipment including thermal shock devices, engine dynamometers, and activity test benches that are suitable for catalyst evaluation. Our advanced testing facilities enhance our R & D capability.
The new equipment has enabled LYDS scientists and engineers to design improved testing methods and reduce the time for catalyst development. Recently, LYDS scientists have developed superior catalyst technologies, including: Distinctive layered coating technologies that meet stringent CO and HC conversion requirement.
Three way catalysts that meet US passenger car emission standards during 80,000 km durability tests. Unique catalyst technologies that are designed for both carburetor and fuel injection engines.
These technologies have been successfully complied with US emission standards CO: 2.11 g/km, HC: 0.155 g/km, NOx: 0.25 g/km and Euro 2 standards CO: 2.2 g/km, HC + NOx: 0.6 g/km.
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