Aqualgel filled G-brick

Aqualgel filled G-brick

Automatic flood control hydrostatics

Product ID: S-GB100

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These units are designed to replace sand bags, and temporary dams, in most applications. The units are easy to transport and store in their in-active state. The S-GB100 can be pre-deployed, and automatically activated when required.

S-GB100b units (G-brick),aquagel filled for additional rigidity, can be stacked, while in-active, to present a solid wall as high as 20 feet when activated. The units can be fitted with either pressure or time sensitive activators.

The default state is pressure activation mode, which will cause the S-GB100 units to activate automatically when submerged for more than 30 seconds. When pre-deployed at the natural fluid boundary, the units will deploy automatically when a breech occurs.

When an existent breech needs to be secured, the ballast chamber of the units can be pre-filled to force the units to sink to the bottom of the breech prior to activation. These design features make the S-Gb100 ideal for managing water flow in flash flood situations. Tether rings also allow the units to be positioned using poles or cables.

Composed of durable or bio-degradable plastic, the units can easily be un-deployed.
  • Dimensions
    • •Inactive: 24" long x 18" wide x 6" tall
  • •activated: 25" long x 19" wide x 14" tall
    • Capacities
      • approximately 8 lbs. inactive :
    • 240 lbs activated
      • Materials
        • •Shell composed of high friction material to enhance stacking

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