E-BULL platform truck

E-BULL platform truck

electric platform truck

Product ID: E-BULL

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1 Body Color: Black
2 Overall dimensions: 1080 x 650 x 350mm
3 Turning radius: 620mm
4 Max forward speed: 8km/h
5 Max backward speed: 4km/h
6 Max climbing grade: 6 degree
7 Range with full charge: 35-40km
8 Ground clearance: 50mm
9 Load capacity: 300kg
10 Drive system: Rear wheel direct drive With sealed differental transaxle

11 Double braking: Dynamic regenerative braking
Coupled with fail-safe electro-mechanical disk brake
12 Tyre: A) Front wheel: Solid need-not charge
B) Rear wheel: Chargable (260X85mm
13 Deep-cycle lead acid battery
14 Battery Overall dimensions: 197 x 165 x 175mm
15 Battery Standard capacity: 38Ah
16 Charger: On board charger
17 Packing: Carton for body: 1100 x 670 x 370mm
Carton for battery: 340 x 210 x 210mm
Carton for tiller: 900 x 560 x 300mm
18 Conveyance: Qty/20 FCL: 60PCS(including battery)
19 Main Part: 38AH battery, 70A controller, 380W motor, wheel size: 260X85mm

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