Vertical Automatic Test Stand

Product ID: JSV-H1000

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Full application of servo control on handy force gauge and analogue force gauge. A Maximum capacity of 1000N can be used for testing.

Simple mode or preset mode can be selected. Under the preset test conditions, endurance test is possible with the setting of holding time, interval, etc.

Able to set test speed, measuring range, etc accurately and easily with digital system. Overload protection to protest the load cell from overstretching.

The measurement result can also be transferred to PC and save in Excel. Interchangeable between Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean. Low cost for abundant function and simple operation.

** Handy force gauge and jigs are optional.
Connector testing, Feeling testing, Key switch testing
  • Max. capacity:1000N (100 kgf)
  • Test speed:1 ~ 600 mm/min
  • Stroke:250mm (jig not included)
  • Work space:W220 x D140mm
  • External Dimension
    • W220 x D340 x H540mm
  • Weight:Approx. 18kg
  • Power source:AC100V ~ AC240V

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