CCFL Crystal Light Box

Product ID: GTE07, GTE08

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Our Crystal Light Box is brand new and perfect for displaying signs, graphics, and images. Our light box draws attention by combining simplicity and elegance in its design. The light box has polished, beveled edges with chromed silver accents. The illuminated edges of the Crystal Light Box captivate the attention of the viewers while exuding a sense of elegance.

Our Crystal Light Box is both thin, and energy efficient. The light box uses cold cathode fluorescent lights. CCFL are high in brightness, low in power consumption and have a long lasting life as well. CCFL gives our illuminated Crystal Light box over 20,000 hours of life. This beautiful illuminated light box is ready to be mounted on your wall either vertically or horizontally.

In addition to being thin, and energy efficient, it is also super easy to change the displayed image. No tools are needed, and you dont even have to take it off the wall. Simply unscrew one or two of the chromed fittings, slip out the current image, and replace it with your new desired graphic.
  • Medium Measures
    • Medium measures 17.75" x 23.6" with screen size measuring 13" x 19".
  • Large Measures
    • Larger measures 23.6" x 33" with a screen size measuring 18.8" x 26.2"
  • Attractive
    • Illuminated edges draws attention to the light box
  • Energy efficient
    • CCFL makes the light box thin and energy efficient.

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