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Ford & Mazda Incode Tool

Ford Mazda key match, the engine computer synchronization, replacement of the control module needs INCODE.

VCM Diagnostic software or OEM Key Programming Machine will show the OUTCODE on-screen.
In this time, enter the INCODE on the VCM or OEM Tools, before continuing to the corresponding function.
Just connect the F&M CODE between the Diagnosis equipment or OEM Key Programming Machine into your cars;
Tools Support: VCM/T300/AD100/SBB ... and so on, as long as the device prompts you to OUTCODE, FMCODE will automatically display INCODE.
F & MCODE device supports all CANBUS models, high-speed CAN, be able to support low-speed CAN)
(The old car does not support K line communication, we can provide INCODE).

The way to get INCONDE:
A: Requesting PATS INCODE from the Agent
B: With foreign code calculator
(Error INCODE you getting is high, there are number of restrictions, the purchase price is expensive)

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