Glass Tube Rotameter

Product ID: GTRM-108

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We offer a range of GLASS TUBE / ACRYLIC BODY ROTAMETERS for the measurement of Fluid / Gas flow rate through pipe lines. The Rotameter works on variable cross section are of Glass Tube (Metering Tube). Our Glass Tube Rotameter has a unique design to withstand tough quality conditions. This metering tube is shielded from all sides with clear front & rear visibility. Gland packing construction provides tension free tube installation & perfect stoppage of leaking. The Tube & Float are easily interchangeable. Various options for construction & material of construction of wetted parts for the wide range of applications. We are manufacturing from 15 NB to 80 NB & flange between 2.5 LPH to 2000 LPH of water & 0.1 to 200 NM3 / Hr. of Air. Our Rotameter has linear scale accuracy with 10:1 Rangebility. Our Rotameter has face height 500 mm & two tone powder coating & low cost with fastest delivery.
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