Dark T-Shirt Transfer Paper

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Special coated paper to print your own designs or high quality photo image onto light
and dark colored T-shirts, or any other cotton based fabric.

Your image caneven be printed at high resolution. After printing, easily transfer the image with
the use of a household iron onto the fabric.

And the transferred designs or photo images are washable. We also produce inkjet photo paper and film.

1) High quality ink receiver layer
2) Good ink control and absorption, no cockle
3) Suitable only for user with inkjet printer
4) Also we produce Inkjet photo paper and film
5) 1,440 - 5,760dpi
6) Ink is accepted in the precise area required and no further
7) Good line-sharpness and image quality
8) Water-proof
9) Instant dry
10) Suitable for use with dye and pigment inks
11) Suitable for thermal and piezo technology
12) Compatible with most inkjet printers

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