55D1refrigerant recovery and recycling machine

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As a subsidairy company of Jinhua Industrial Group, Jinhua Refrigerant Techonology Ltd Co. has developed a refrigerant recovery and recycling macine with brand "WINTER", which has been one of the leading products in the area of China refrigerant recovery and recycling.
Jinhua Refrigerant Techonology Ltd Co. has four kinds of refrigerant recovery and recycling products with more than twenty models, which are largely imlied to refrigerant recovery and recycling of home AC, commercial AC, central AC, auto AC and other refrigerant equipment. These products are exported to Europe, Brazil, South Africa, etc.
These products have been approved by the expert authentication meeting held by the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and the conclusion is that these products meet the international advanced standard.
  • compressor:1/3HP oil-less;
  • recovery speed:0.2-0.5kg/min;
  • recharging speed:1kg/min;
  • vacuum pump:3CFM
  • heavy-duty compressor:
    • quickly pulls refrigerant from the systerm during recovery to save time also pulls the systerm into a vaccum prior to recharging;
  • programmable electronic scale:
    • makes it simple to recharge to factory specifications, also weighs recovered refrigerant and provides tank overfill protection;

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