Portable air conditioner

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With its randomly portable method, excellent cooling capacity and low discharge capacity, portable air conditioner is widely used in machine-tool control box and as terminal relay unit on plastic injection molding machine and print machine in the field of metallurgy, electric power, machinery, communication, print, plastic coating and IT to cool and low the temperature, improve the work efficiency and useful time of the equipment. It is also can be used in the places which need air conditioning, such as, hospitals, restaurants, golf fields, exhibition sites, office buildings, studios, food factories, entertainment places, goods yards and ports. It has the features of strong cooling capacity, high wind pressure, big wind volume, low noise, farther transportation distance which make it possible to improve the environment of people working, studying and entertainment.
  • Compressor:2HP
  • Input Power:1.65KW
  • Power Factor:96%
  • Gross Weight:80KG
  • Outline Dimension:530*490*1260m

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