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Ballistic Plate/Panel was produced with USA ballistic material-PE, named Dynama, bullet-proof effect excellent.
Our Bullet-proof vest/Ballistic vest was produced with high quality ballistic PE, imported from USA, named Dynama, bullet-proof effect is excellent, and price is competitive. The Ballistic level can be done as per buyers requirement, such as NIJ IIIA, NIJ II, etc. Welcome your inquiry anytime.
Body armor plate/panel, bulletproof panel/plate/ Ballistic Plate/Panel
1. Material: UHMWPE UD fabric, ceramic material can be added on customer request. Besides, our patented new composite, made through addition of carbon nano tube to UHMWPE, provide you with the highest ballistic capabilities presently made, which has a life span of up to 10 years, while ordinary UHMWPE UD fabric lasts only 5 years.
2. Our products are made under stringent quality control and through special techniques. These bulletproof sheet feature lightness, excellent bulletproof capability, anti-chemical erosion, uv resistance, waterproof.
3.A variety of body armor designs at different protection level are available, all meeting the standard of U.S. National Institute of Justice(NIJ), such as hard armor plate, soft armor plate, flat plate, cured setsquare plate, and anti-incision plate and so on.
  • ISO9001/ISO14001/QS9000

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