Inkjet flatbed printer

Product ID: LOGE-3D A3+

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1 Max 12cm thinckness of difference material are availble for LOGE flatbed injet printer
2 Economic、convenient ,the device don't keep a strict on your printing quantity
3 Multilcolor、full color image、or color transition are printed out in same step.
4 Breaking traditional limits ,curved objects are welcomed to LOGE flatbed injet printer
5 They are compatible with all material
6 With professional color software system ,change color freely without paying any additional fee
7 No matter what software used can output variety documents format
8 To strenghten your compitiveness,LOGE is your right hand
  • inkjet flabted printer
    • Our production can supply all material such as Plastic、(ABS、PC、PE、PP、PU、PVC)、Acrylic、 Metal、Woodproducts、 Leather 、Textile fabric、 Plexiglass、Crystal、Copperlate、etc.And apply all domains which is toys 、clothing、stationary、decoration and so on.
  • As per CIC 19810101

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inkjet flatbed printer