Automatic Screw Feeder KFR-1050

Product ID: KFR-1050

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With a special convertible rail design, Automatic Screw Feeder KFR-1050 allows the user to adjust the feeding rail width easily for serving screw size from 1.0mm to 5.0mm. For this easy and quick adjust function, this flexible KFR-1050 saves the user’s expense and reduces the dealer’s pressure to stock up on related accessories.
The function and benefit are shown as below.
-Widest range of applicable screw sizes
-Max of screw length & hopper capacity
-Applicability of special screw types
-PCB protect against short circuit and overload
-Found wire of PCB & socket outlet are well equipped
-With LED blink & buzzer for perative safety and alarm signal
-Size of feeding rail is adjustable
-Save parts costs & stock
- Adjustable vibration intensity
- Humanized multi programming control
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