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WORLDWIDE DROPSHIPPING. This unit takes off the barriers effected by the ECU, is cheating O2 sensor signal, consequently delivers 10 % extra power plus noteworthy low end torque within the full RPM range without failed economy. 15 minutes installation, no further adjustment or transformation required. Full application list. Detailed instructions, perfect fit. Available to 1,2,3,4-wire and wide band sensors. It results dramatic changes in horsepower at the wheels. Whether you are looking for improved low end torque, crisp acceleration or you just want to blow everybody off the line, this unit will perform the claims. Installation is easy, no special tools or expertise required. You can receive +15-30 additional HP, and extremely dynamic acceleration increased by up to 20 % depending on stock engine performance. Enjoy a refreshed engine, with outstanding acceleration without terrible flat pots. Detailed instructions, perfect fit. No check engine light illumination.
    • to 1,2,3,4 wire oxygen sensors
  • to zirconia or titania sensors
  • to wide band 5 wire sensors
      • The device modifies voltage signals of oxygen sensor, indicating fuel poor signal, accordingly ECU lets more fuel to the injectors while the mass of free air is the same. Thus we can affect the air fuel mixture gaining more power, improving the efficiency of combustion and saving fuel. This add-on simulator device delivers fuel-poor sign to the ECU, besides a limit value control is incorporated to avoid overflow and underflow.
    • CLAIMS
      • 10% + HP
    • 10 % + Torque
    • 15-20 % + acceleration
    • higher top end speed
    • diminished flat spots
    • improved throttle response
      • How can consumption be kept?
        • With o2 sensor Performance Chip we let the ECU modify the air fuel ratio within the full RPM range delivering fuel poor signal to it, however we have to take into consideration, that ECU regards and accepts other sensors' signal as IAT, ECT, MAP sensors, and since we increase the efficiency of the engine this overmapping leads to enhanced performance where we need smaller throttling to gain the same power and we act that slightly at the expense of emission has been overcontroled nowadays in contrast to the engines from eg. the 80's.
      • RESULTS
        • We may declare that the operation of injection / ignition system is significantly determined on the voltage of oxygen sensor, therefore when we trick this signal we may control effectively the engine output.
      • Oxygen sensor performance chip restores the original performance of the engine, is reduced by restrictions claimed by the regulations and laws of emission control.
    • Improves engine output by as much as 10 %.
  • Enhances Nm, throttle response, acceleration and low end torque.
  • Preserves smog certification.
  • Peak up acceleration and dynamism by up to 15 %.
  • Results higher top end speed.
  • Long duration - 10 years warranty.
  • Easy universal 15-20 minutes installation.
  • Switch can be connected with a simple bypass.
  • Immediate effect even during driving, no ECU learning period.
  • Reduces flat spots or delay time.
      • Performance chip unit
    • 4 pcs Scotch terminal
    • 2 pcs. heat protective tubing
    • 4 pcs. heat shrink tubing
    • installation guide
    • exhaust clip
    • 2 pcs. plastic cable tie
        • Easy steps
      • 1. Cut the original harness between the factory plug and the oxygen sensor.
      • 2. See colors & operations of each wire in car wiring diagram or search for your combination in table below.
      • 3. Connect the suitable wires with terminals or solder them in place. (Hydrochloric) acid recommended by soldering.)
      • 4. Seal the contacts with the provided heat shrink tubing.
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