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MAGNUM O2 Sensor Simulator is an indispensable tuning device by engines where catalytic converter was removed from exhaust system. Missing of catalytic converter indicates polluted exhaust gas to the ECU, therefore check engine light will flash for a while or illuminate all the time, resulting medium level performance at the wheels. Simulator is a plug-in replacement installed to the sole - or in case of multiple o2 sensor system - to secondary O2 sensor. It supplies perfect voltage signal for the ECU, as if the catalytic converter would be in place and purify the exhaust gas.
With MAGNUM Simulator you will get rid of suffering error signal on the dash, accordingly you can restore the power was limited by ECU due to check engine light, besides our tool is fully adjustable, allowing the user to adjust the most powerful volt range is yet accepted by the ECU.

Oxygen O2 sensor simulator is an adjustable unit and fits to all engines with 1,2,3,4 wire zirconia Oxygen Sensor.
    • Stops check engine light illumination
  • Fully adjustable performance range
  • 10-minute easy installation
  • Performance difference up to 15 %.
  • Available to all vehicle (cars, trucks, SUV's, motorcycles, heavy duty's)
  • Vehicle specific
  • Stop loss of performance due to catalytic converter removal
  • Adjustable heater simulator integrated
  • O2 sensor can be fully removed from the exhaust
  • O2 sensor replacement bolt available
  • Euro design with mirror finished stainless cover
  • Power indicator led with special purple color
  • Sealed waterproof facture
  • 10 year manufacturer warranty
      • Injected gasoline engines fitted with Electronic Control Unit (ECU) or alias Electronic Control Management (ECM) have oxygen sensor or oxygen sensors to measure the amount of oxygen contained in the exhaust gas.
    • These sensor(s) deliver voltage to the ECU according to the actual consistence of air fuel mixture. When someone removes the catalytic converter(s) these signal coming from the o2 sensor(s) will be out of the allowed range and the occurrence will result error code in the ECU
    • If you install this o2 / oxygen sensor simulator, check engine light will never illuminate due to missing of cat, restoring the program run from security level.
        • Magnum Oxygen Sensor Simulator outperforms all solutions aimed to trick the ECU oxygen sensor input signal and will deliver +10 % additional HP in contrast to those models where check engine light illuminates due to catalytic converter removal or because of the presence of free flow exhaust.
      • This unit outperforms other solutions do not include the outstanding adjustable heater simulator panel.
      • Magnum O2 sensor simulator / eliminator offers adjustment to set the optimal air fuel ratio yet accepted by the ECU.
      • Magnum oxygen sensor simulator nut, Magnum oxygen sensor simulator bolt and Magnum oxygen sensor simulator kit (bolt and nut included) is available to completely remove stock sensor and its old nut in the rusty exhaust piping.
          • Installation is easy and universal for each model.
        • Easy steps
        • 1. Cut the harness of oxygen sensor.
        • 2. See colors & operations of each wire in car wiring diagram or search for your combination in table below.
        • 3. Connect the proper wires with terminals or solder them in place. (Hydrochloric acid recommended by soldering.)
        • 4. Contact red wire to ignition +12V and ground the black wire to the chassis or battery negative terminal.
          • CAUTION
            • 1. Be sure that the check engine light indicates only the oxygen sensor error code, other error code cannot be resolved with Oxygen / O2 Sensor Simulator.
          • 2. Please if after installation and thorough adjustment you still do have error code use diagnostic tool to read out the code.
          • 3. This unit is recommended for vehicles where catalytic converter(s) were removed or o2 sensor signal should be eliminated. Works in conjunction with free flow exhaust and catbacks.
          • 4. Please be aware of the local law of emission control at your area.
          • 5. Though the unit draws only 10 mA, use ignition +12V instead of constant 12V to avoid going dead of battery.
          • 6. Always reset the ECU before readjustment because ECU does not "forget" errors and check engine light might go on illuminating after installation of the simulator as well. The reset process must be repeated after each trial when check engine light flashed or was on.
          • 7. In case of multiple o2 sensors the unit must be wired up to the post sensor after the removed catalytic converter.
    • This performance chip module is compatible with all gasoline vehicles controlled by ECU and fitted with 1,2,3 or 4 wire zirconia O2 sensor. not sure fits to your application. feel free to contact us.
    • Units are covered by 10-year Factory Warranty.
    • From stock by standard international air mail service
    • If you are looking for an expert company in regarding to HP-gain technology, you have just found it. We guarantee, Magnum tuning will be your reliable and perfect drop shipper in the future.
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