NEW Baby Gauze Handkerchief Washing Towel Bath Towel

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Origin China
Model Number 30*30
Brand Name nibeier
Age Group Babies
Material 100% Cotton
Size 30*30
Technics Woven

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Nishimatsu House Baby gauze handkerchief - wash towel - bath towel 8 Set
Size: set with a large bath towel (65cm X 110cm) 2 blocks of the bath towel (31cm X 80cm) 5 Kuai a small bath towel (31cm X 31cm)
1. (65cm X 110cm) of this size you can be a bath towel to use, baby bath wash my body rub in the summer can also adopt a blanket to use when! Also you can be a multi-purpose towel, the size of relatively large, folded about the mat in the baby car, the cradle can be of the Oh, there are a lot of usage, mothers can think about their own, Pui mother think of this most useful of the two.
2 (31cm X 80cm) of this size you can be a towel to use Oh, baby bath, washing pp with the best of! Can also be when the baby wipes to use, very nice!
3.31cm * 80cm can be folded towel with a few to do Oh, baby usually do not have pillows, head and also love sweating, soft, absorbent cloth towel is necessary Oh!
4. (31cm X 31cm) of this size when the handkerchief to use Oh, baby saliva and more with her and environmental protection and practical, non-fluorescent, is very good for the baby

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