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Rongyi manufacturers high quality bulletproof vest.
Our extensive line of body armor vests, includes vests with intergral ceramic plates and UD fabric. All body armors designs are available upon customer request at different protection levels that meet U.S National Institute of Justice(NIJ)
Rongyi Vests and body armors are specially designed to allow high mobility,convenient use, quick donning and most important maximal personal protection. Special protection for the neck,shoulders and groin are available upon request.
Surface Density Prevention Property
2.6kg/m2 NIJ Level I
4kg/m2 NIJ Level IIA
4.8kg/m2 NIJ Level II
6kg/m2 NIJ Level IIIA
  • vest
    • Designed for police department
  • Specification: 0.32m2, size as per your request
  • Color: dark blue
  • Packing: 100% polyester, waterproof and anti-fire available
  • NIJ protection level weight:
  • IIA: 1.8kg
  • II: 2kg
  • IIIA: 2.4kg
    • Jacket
      • Carrier material: oxford polyester, waterproof, anti-fire available
    • Designed for full protection to upper-torso, including neck and shoulder
    • Specification: 0.5m2
    • Color: woodland/desert camouflage
    • NIJ protection level weight:
    • IIA: 2.5kg
    • II: 3kg
    • IIIA: 3.5kg
      • Jacket plus groin protection
        • Feature: designed for full protection to the upper-torso, including neck, shoulder and groin
      • Color: sea camouflage or desert camouflage
      • Specification: 0.60sqm
      • NIJ protection level:
      • IIA: 2.8kg
      • II: 3.3kg
      • IIIA: 4.1kg
  • Available in Various Protection Lev
    • Ballistic material: UHMWPE fiber
  • shooting test

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