ZCC210 -232A digital compass module

Product ID: ZCC210 -232A

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Small size: 41*32*10(mm). Light weight. OEM products with cost effective.
Ease of Integration Supports ASCII format.
Supports both mode of power and voltage, DC 12V or 5V optional.
Automobile electronic compass. Handheld electronic instrument.
Telescope location. Navigation system. Autopilot.
Position of antennas. Automobile GPS navigation. Aero model position.
General Description
ZCC210 -232A is a low cost 2-axis electronic compass module with low voltage input and power consumption. Its operating principle is to measure magnetic field component on X/Y-axis by magnetic sensor, then counts the azimuth and after that output it to PC via standard RS232 interface; This product has calibration and confines alarm function. Its baud rate is adjustable and it has both continuous and inquiry output modes as well as compensatory function of magnetic declination and installation angle;
  • size
    • Small size: 41*32*10(mm).

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