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Solar Brick (Solar Underground Light)using is a fully environmental Protect product, use storage solar energy and transfer to electricity, apply super bright LED lamp illuminate automatically at night/poor light. With combination and sequences of multicolor LEDs, it performs excellence of visual effect and beautifies landscaping. This unique Solar Brick is suitable for all kind of landscapes and architectures, either for large-scale public area or private space.

****We supply solar brick module from SUL-01 to SUL-14.****

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  • SUL-06 Specifications
    • Solar Cell: poly-crystalline silicon / single-crystalline silicon (6v,350mA)
  • Storage Battery: Ni-MH (3*1200mAH) / Super Capacitor (8*120F)
  • Light Source :Super luminosity LED
  • LED quantity :16 pcs
  • Color of Light :red, green, blue, white, yellow (for any choice)
  • Light Mode: Constant type
  • Material of light :Stainless Steel and Polycarbonate
  • Product Size :300x300x70mm
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      • Resist compression :20 tons
    • Waterproof grade: IP>67
    • View distance :over 800m
    • Work temperature: -25 to +75
    • Work Time :More than 30 hours
    • Life Time: >5 years (Ni-MH) or >15 year ( Super Capacitor)
    • Guarantee period: 14 months
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