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there is survey said that 90% car have air pollution, with North solar car purifier,you will don't worry about the car air environment anymore. It will bring you fresh and health air environment
  • Features:
    • 1. TiO2 is used on the surface of Titanium filter as photocatalyst which works under natural UV light to kill more than 90% bacteria,mould andother Volatile Organic Compounds(VOCS).
  • 2. the HEPA filter captures 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.3microns, it can remove harmful gas and smoke and bad smells(formaldehyde,carbon,monoxide,etc) and odors.
  • 3. The filter will output Negative ions,which be accepted as the the most useful and healthful element for environment.
  • 4. Give out floral fragrances to make you refreshed and relaxed.
  • 5. This air purifier is powered by solar energy, put the purifier on the place with sunlight,it will work.
    • specification:
      • CE Approval.
    • working environment -10~ +100,humidity:=100C)or humid conditions or in any hazardous environment.Please keep this unite away from the water and other liquids.
    • 3. Do not spray perfume toward skin, wash skin with soap and clean water, please washfor at least 15 minutes with clean water once perfume gets into eyes.
    • 4. To avoid the risk of electrical shock,do not insert metal pole into the air outlet
    • 5. Use two pieces of AA batteries, please pay attention to the poles,do not assemble it on contrary

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