eps automatic block molding machine

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(1) four operating modes such as automatic, semi-automatic, midway startup and manual operation
(2) Adopting hydraulic system to open, close and lock molds that makes system operate steadily and reliably.
(3) The general steam valve adopts air-moving ball valve with good leak-proofness and longevity.
(4) four protecting apparatuses of safety interlock, pause switch and urgent stop and safety valve
(5) Touch screen display, graphic interface, Chinese and English language display, soft button and other man- machine conversation modes
(6) Wind cooling of high efficiency and low water content
(7) Material filling by automatic injecting nozzles is convenient and highly efficient.
(8) CPU, touching screen and other important components adopts famous brands. The qualities are excellent.
.high efficiency, low labor and cost
.high efficiency, low labor and cost

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EPS machine