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solenoid valve
(2/2 way solenoid valve,3/2 way solenoid valve,5/2 way solenoid valve,4V solenoid valve, ,coil,SMC valve equivalents,welding machine solenoid valve,coffee machine solenoid valve,high pressure solenoid valve,high temperature solenoid valve,normal open solenoid valve,water solenoid valve)
pneumatic valve(air valve)
and other valve(mechanical valve,hand valve,manual valve,foot valve,switch valve,rotary valve,quick exhaust valve,flow control valve,one way valve,shuttle valve,diaphragm solenoid valve)
and pneumatic fittings(one touch fittings,push in fittings,metal push in fittings,metal tube fittings,metal air fittings,metal pneumatic fittings,quick coupler,quick adaptor,fast connector,quick connector,quick fittings),
air tubing(pneumatic tubing,air hose,PU tube,PE tube,Nylon tube,PU tubing,tube cutter) and air gun(air duster gun,tire gun,pneumatic gun),
cooling tube(plastic cooling tube,coolant tube)
and water filter push in fittings(water filter quick connector,purifier fittings)
  • Mufflers
    • NPT,BSPP,BSPT THREAD all available
  • Pneumatic Fitting
    • Quick installation.simple and fiexible.spacesaving.
  • The tube fitting comes in a wide variety of models to meet all your needs in pneumatic piping.
  • Even after installation, the direction of tubing can be changed freely.
  • The release ring adopts the ellipse design to make it more convenient and laborsaving for disconnection.
  • All taper pipe threads are pre-coated with Teflon with fine seat performance.
    • Air Tube
      • Nice flexibility ,light weight, high pressure resistance.
    • Superior mechanical strength and excellent abrasive resistance, oil resistance and cold resistance.
    • Various colors are available for your selection.
      • Air Gun
        • AG-A
      • Strong blow,low power consumption;
      • Fit for cleaning all kinds of machines and equipments;
      • AG-B
      • Latest design,it adopts the piston type structure.
      • Long life,stable and reliable performance.
      • It has two air inlets at the top and bottom so its very convenient for use in varioius occasions.
      • Three different lengths nozzle are available
        • Water Purifier Fitting
          • It is applied to the quick connecting of PE pipe and stainless steel pipe. Excellent performance and reasonable price.
        • Solenoid valve
          • 2-way normally open solenoid valve:
        • Open when power-off; Closed when energized.
        • Small size but big flow rate;
        • Pressure is often smaller than Normally Closed type;
        • NBR,VITON,EPDM seals are available;

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