multifunction single-nail beautifying color printer

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Name: multifunction single-nail beautifying color printer
Model: YCY-ANP-F1
Size: length 438mm, width 90mm, height 370mm
Packaging size:
Weight: 8kg
Input voltage, frequency: 220V, 50HZ or 110V, 60HZ
Applicable platform: PC
OS: windows 9x/me,NT4.0/2000/xp
A whole set of computer is called for to cooperate with the color printer

Function: the printer can paint one nail one time, and can also paint colored patterns or texts on objects like fresh flowers, handsets, mugs or ornaments. The printer also has a camera function and can take snaps of customers and paint the images onto objects like nails, fresh flowers or mugs
.multifunction single-nail beautify

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