all-in-one multifunction nail beautifying color printer

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Name: all-in-one multifunction nail beautifying color printer
Model: YCY-ACNP-F5
Size: length 494mm, width 368mm, height 370mm
Packaging size:
Weight: 13 kg
Input voltage, frequency: 220V, 50HZ or 110V, 60HZ
Applicable platform: PC
OS: windows 9x/me,NT4.0/2000/xp
Interface type: USB
The color printer can work independent of a computer.

Function: the printer can paint five different patterns onto five nails or toe nails within one minute, and can also paint colored patterns or texts on objects like fresh flowers, handsets, mugs or ornaments. And the printer has a camera function to take snaps of customers on the spot and paint the pictures onto objects like nails, fresh flowers or mugs.
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