56pcs Home Tool kit

Product ID: EA-9702

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This carriage storage blow case is six folding blow case. It can be fold to a small case but when you open it, you will find that this case is so bigger, it is easier to storage hand tool kit, kitchen ware, socket set 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2"dr. Case no. EBC-96042, the case have a small volume case and bigger capacity.
  • 3pc plier: long nose, diagonal, water pump plier.
  • Measure tape, folding saw, 8oz claw hammer, nail box
  • 8" adjustable wrench, bit driver & 17pc bits w/bronze plated
  • 7pc 1/4"dr. socket, 7pc 3/8"dr. socket, 2pc 3/8"dr. ratchet
  • 2pc screwdriver: Phillips & slotted
  • Kitchet scissor, utility knife, scissor for paper.
  • 6pc precision screwdriver w/plastic box
  • Six folding storage blow case (EBC-96042)

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