Speedy Clamp

Product ID: WT-604

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One-handed clamp, steady ratchet lock. The handle could be swiveled at 360 degree. Patent numbers: 75974 Taiwan, ZL 932 43191.7 China, 4217213 U.S.A., G9207759.5 Germany.
  • WT-604: 4" (100mm) capacity
  • WT-606: 6" (150mm) capacity
  • Heavy gauge steel body and handle assembly
  • Ratchet carbon steel push rod
  • Grooved nylon and rubber jaws
  • Black baking enamel finish (other color available by request)
  • More detail in web site http://members.xoom.com/skenley
  • Operating methods:
    • Starting: switch the ratchet rod to right or left side, and pull it out up to the proper capacity, then switch back to ratchet engaged position
    • Clamping & locking: squeeze the trigger until the object is held
    • Release: switch the ratchet rod to right or left side, then withdraw it for release
  • Warning: do not use nylon and rubber jaws for high temperature works

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