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Lung Chin multi-functional PTC 6 in 1 Electric Heater. Lets you be free from worry in the winter and on rainy days. In addition to being a heater, hand dryer, hair dryer and quilt warmer, it also helps improve your health as well as dry your clothes.
  • The heater is water-proof, it won't give electric shocks when wet. And it free you from cold bathrooms in the winter. Especially good for young children.
  • Safe and low energy consumption. Uses special ceramic heating stabilizer( PTC). Doesn't lack oxygen and when the blower is blocked, the heating stabilizer keeps the temperature steady, preventing fires and electrical shorts. Further, the power consumption is 25% to 40% less than standard heaters, making our heater ideal for home use.
  • Convenient. simple construction, can assemble in 1 to 3 minutes. No special electrical equipment or installation specialists needed. Fully mobile, can be used and taken anywhere.
  • Improves health. The far infra-red rays help kill bacteria and improved health of cells and circulation of blood, increasing your health and beauty.
  • Special functional design. Makes your bathroom into a big easy dryer and prevents clothes from molding.

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