Wind resistance platform

Wind resistance platform

Strong wind resistance photoelectric platform ultra long range laser thermal night vision platform

Product ID: AK-TS750

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For high require of steady image output, nearly none shacking with the image, 120 kg spherical shape design has very good aerodynamics in strong winds, offer a super strong wind resistance, can offer good effect in hard weather,gyroscope option!!! better use on vessel, coastline cruising, military projects!!! This is the most powerful device our company can offer you! call me for more details!!
l Spherical shape design strength evenly in strong wind(40m/s) reduce the shack of image, low rotating deviation, high precision positioning.
l 750mm/775mm lens optional, 200mm thermal lens optional
l 1/2 inch CCD sensor,1/1.8 inch CMOS sensor optional, star level sensitivity, intelligent dynamic noise reduction technology offer clear image in dark situations
l 3 levels of fog penetrating with optical fog penetration and algorithm, get more details in fog, steam, dust weather
l Laser illumination spot size saving patent technologies. Illumination size can be
  • ISO9001

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