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Duct rodder, Conduit rodder, Cable puller, Fiberglass duct rodder, Fish tape, Duct rod, Push pull rod, FRP duct rodder
Duct rodder is an auxiliary tool applied in towing lead-rope through a pipe. The rod surface is hard and smooth, so it can get through the narrow pipe or channel easily.  The inner core of the rod is made of fiberglass and unsaturated polyester resin. The outside layer is smooth and firm ABS resin. It is widely used for the cables works or cleaning in cable pipe or channels.
1.Great rigidity and strength
2.Light & easy to use
3.Excellent flexibility force
4.Quickly delivery
5.Safe, non conductive and no kink
6.Anticorrosion, good elasticity, long working life
1.Fiber glass rod inner: Extruded by fiber glass and unsaturated polyester resin at high temperature.
2.Fiber glass rod outer: Medium density ABS resin for the insulating and jacketing of cables.
3.Assembly: metal frame sprayed paint; rubber wheels assembly for easy transportation; G

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Duct rodder, Conduit rodder, Cable puller, Fiberglass duct rodder