Wire Mesh Grip

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cable grip sock
Cable Pulling Grip
Cable pulling socks
Heavy duty grip are designed to handle longer or heavier pulling jobs such as an installation of underground cables, communication lines and service lines. Pulling Grips serve as reusable tools for pulling cables, wires, and/or rope in overhead and underground cable pulls protecting from abrasion and easing the cable through rough surfaces.
Heavy duty Grips are used to connect cable enclosures and industrial equipment preventing cable or conduit pull-out at the point of termination due to tension.
Support Grips distribute the weight of vertical drops and sloping runs over the length of the grip to protect the cable from damage
Packaging Details: by cartons
It is knitted by joint capital steel wire .
It has good softness.
It is easy to extend and contract.
For high strength cable, ground wires and synthetic ropes
Weave galvanized steel mesh
1.good softness 
2.easy to exte

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