Insulation Expandable Barrier

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insulation retractable fence
insulation retractable mobile Fence
Insulation FRP fence
insulation expandable barrier
expandable safety barrier
Expandable barrier is widly used in the power plants and for ensure the safety of power plants and other field staff live working, while a high pressure safety fence installation, expandable barriers is made of fiberglass fibers, from the prompt action of the security fence.
Material: fiberglass
Color: Red/white or yellow/black
Surface: Plastic-spraying by environment-friendly outdoor powder
Folded size:400mm
Expanded size:5000mm
Height: 1000mm without castors
Package: Fiberboard carton with bubbles
1.avoid the heat and voltage problems in high electromagnetic field electromagnetic,no damage to the substation equipment, operation and maintenance personnel to avoid electric shock.
2. Anti-rust, no paint protection requests,do not affraid of lighting stricking
3.corrosion resistance, at 10% sulfuric acid,

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