FRP Ladder

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insulated ladder
fiberglass ladder
Fiberglass extension ladder
FRP straight ladder
frp Extension ladder
FRP Isulated Ladder
FRP ladder introduction
frp ladder is pultrusion products of fiberglass.It is light weight,insulation,durable and long working time.So it is widely used in power engineering, telecommunications engineering, electrical engineering, hydropower engineering, repair, substation maintenance, meter reading.
types of the frp ladders:
frp single straight ladder
frp step ladder
frp A-type ladder
frp joint ladder.
FRP ladder properties:
1.Good Performance of insulation: Voltage Insulation Resistance from 220KV to 800KV
2.Good Stability
3.Light Weight and high strength
4.Low absorption of water
5.All colors available
6.Corrosion resistance
7.FRP Ladder can be designed according to GB17620-1998,GB7059.3-86.

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