bonded abrasive cutting disc 105*1.2*16MM

bonded abrasive cutting disc 105*1.2*16MM

Cut off disc 1net for metal 800pcs/ctn

Product ID: BO105116-2

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According to abrasive grit:
1. 24#-40#-----Non ferrous metals. Wood and plastic.
2. 60#---------- Alloyed steels, stainless steels, and tempered steels.
3. 80#-----------High temperature alloys, stainless and heat treated steel,
High tensile non-ferrous metal.
4. 120#-320#- Fine finish of all materials.
According to abrasive material:
1. Aluminum oxide--- Very good abrasive action and a high hardness grade, used for alloyed and unalloyed steels, structural steel, too steel.
2. Zirconia Allumina--High temperature alloys, stainless and heat treated steel. High tensile non-ferrous metal.
3. Silicon Carbide---- Granite, marble, stone, plastics, fiberglass, non-ferrous, material, carbon steel and titanium and titanium alloys.
Resin Bonded
1. T41 cutting wheel----- it is suitable for cutting and grooving metal, stainless steel, glass, stone, non-metal and soft metal
2. T41 ultrathin Cutting wheel-- Composite material with A, WA and ZA, Double nets, wonderful plast

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