air filter bag

air filter bag

Industrial dust filter bag pulse jet type air filter bag for dust collector

Product ID: filter bag

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Filter bags we made but not just these

Dust/air Filter Bags

Heat-resistant Filter Bags

PE (Polyester) Filter Bag

Aramid(Nomex)Filter Bag

PP (Polypropylene) Filter Bag

PPS Filter Bag

Acrylic Filter Bag

P84 Filter Bag

Anti-static Filter Bag

PTFE Filter Bag

Anti-spark Filter Bag

Fiberglass Filter Bag

Pulse-Type Filter Bags

1. Sewn-in Circular Disc Base
2. Sewn-in Circular Disc Base with Bumper Cuff Reinforcement
3. Snap Band Top to Fit
4. Flange Top with Wire Ring
5. Plain Open Top
6. Open Top with Cuff and Cord

Main Products

Needle punched felt PP, PE, PPS, Aramid(Nomex), Acrylic, fiberglass,