Amino Acid Chelate

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Amino Acid Chelate
Improve nutrient utilization, improve the crop quality.
Absorb quickly, promote crop precocity, shorten the growth cycle.
No residue, improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, improve water holding and fertility and permeability of soil.
Enhance metabolic function and stress tolerance.
Method ofapplication:
1. Field crops and vegetables: 1-2kg/ha at periodof rapid growth or nurition stress, two times at least through growing seasons.
2. Tree Crops: 1-3kg/ha at active growth period, 2-4 weeksintervals through growing seasons.
3. Grapes and berries: 1-2kg/ha at active growth period, 1week intervals at least through vegetative growth period.
4. Turf: 3-6kg/ha at active growth period.
5. Ornamental trees, Shrubs, and Flowing plants: Dilute atrate of 25kgs in one or more steres of water and spray to complete coverage.
1. Do not spray on hot days or rainy days. Sprayagain if there is rain 6 hours after having sprayed.

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