Glass Fiber Rove

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Description of Glass Fiber Rove

Glass fiber rove for winding is suitable for reinforcing unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl resin, epoxy resin, polyurethane resin etc.

Characteristics of Glass Fiber Rove:

Uniform tension, speed and fully penetration, less hairiness, excellent mechanical properties. High hardness, low static, good dispersibility, good short cut ability.

Application of Glass Fiber Rove

Aerospace, transportation, petroleum and natural gas pipeline, the roof of the vehicle, chemical equipment etc.


Each yarn group can be packed with heat shrink film or stretch film, and then placed in trays or boxes, each tray 48 or 64 yarn group, each yarn 15-18kg. According to the requirements of users can increase the weight of yarn group, but no more than 24kg.It can also be the packed into cartons, one roll each box.

Container capacity: 1 x 20 foot container can hold 10 large and 10 small tray, net weight is about 20 tons
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