Carbide inserts APMT1135PDER-H2

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COATING: A4337/38/39/40/63/64/67/68/69/93
Application instruction:
A14/A43 37 machine iron cast
A14/A43 38 machine steel which HRC is above 45
A14/A43 39 machine stainless steel
A14/A43 40 machine steel and iron cast which HRC is below 45
A14/A43 63 bronze colored .machine the semifinishing and finishing stainless steel;hardend steel;HRC45-64 chilled steel;titanium alloy;high nickel content alloy
A14/A43 64 stainless steel;medium and low processing the material below HRC 45.
A14/A43 67 gravity miling ;semifinish and finish turing ;carbon steel;rough processing of stainless steel
A14/A43 68 high speed turing processing;cast processing;high speed milling processing;rough turing;gravity cutting;
A14/A43 69 rough turing;graviy turing ;deep cut milling;

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