octane number analyzer

octane number analyzer

Gasoline octane number analyzer SINPAR FTC-M1

Product ID: SINPAR005

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Combination (Research and Motor method) Octane Rating Unit SINPAR FTC-M1 is a complete system for octane determination, conforming to ASTM D 2699 (ISO 5164) and ASTM D 2700(ISO5163) Standard Test method for Knock Characteristics of Motor and /or Aviation Fuels by the Research and Motor Methods respectively.
Standards: ASTM D 2699 (ISO 5164) & ASTM D 2700(ISO5163), IP237 & IP236
Technical parameters
--Working Range: 40-120 octane number
--Compression Ratio : 4:1-18:1
--Intake Air Temperature: 52°C±1°C(adjustable)
--Mixture Temperature: 149°C±1°Cadjustable)
--Engine Speed: 900±9r/min (MON)
600±6r/min (RON)
--Jacket Temperature: 100±1.5°C
--Spark Advance: 13°(RON)
26° at 5:1
C.R.-Adjustable (MON)
--Oil Temperature: 57±8.5°C
  • ASTM D2700 D2699

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