Stainless steel welded pet cage

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Stainless steel welded pet cage is very popular among those people who are fond of feeding pets, not only for outdoor, but also for indoor raising. The stainless steel welded pet cage can provide a spacious and safety place for our pet, it can make our living room more clean as well. Whats more, it can also used as animals trap for us and a wide variety of styles are available.

A small size stainless steel welded mesh pet cage put on the floor, the door is open and the stainless steel bottom can pull out.
SWPC-1: Stainless steel welded mesh serve as a pet cage is easy to clean and provides a hygiene environment for pet.A medium size stainless steel welded mesh cage lays on the floor, it has a triangular roof and the door is open.
SWPC-2: Stainless steel welded mesh with its bright surface and rust resistance can benefit a lot for pets raising.
A animals trap made of stainless steel welded mesh is on the floor, hiding If you have any need to please contact us via sales@ssweldedm

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