Oil Heating Auto Paint Room Standard Booth Spray Paint Room

Product ID: Auto Paint Room

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Oil heating standard car paint room configuration 
Outside diameter: 7000*5200*3200mm 
Inside diameter: 6900*4000*2600mm 
The fuel burner: Liyalu machine 
Fan: Selected 3 low noise fan, air volume 12000 cubic meters / hour / set 
Lighting: 8 groups of T8 lighting lamp 
Outsole: Adopts channel steel, square pipe and steel welding, degreasing, rust, paint, phosphorus removal 
Control box: Full automatic, Delixi electrical components 
Filter cotton: Using 600G three-dimensional spray filter cotton 
Box: Choose 4*4 welding square 
Plate: With 75mm thick EPS insulation board, fire retardant. Double sheet thickness is 0.4mm, EPS 10kg.
  • 9001

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