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Diameter: 7000*5200*3200mm 
Diameter: 6900*4000*2600mm 
Heating method: Carbon fiber far-infrared heating tube 
Fan: Selected 3 low noise fan, air volume 10000m³ ; / hours /set 
Lighting: 8 groups of T8 lighting lamp, 
Outsole: Adopts channel steel, square pipe and steel welding, degreasing, rust, paint, phosphorus removal 
Control box: Full automatic, Delixi electrical components 
Filter cotton: Using 600# three-dimensional spray ultra filtration and purification of special paint room cotton 
Plate: With 50mm thick EPS insulation board. Double sheet thickness is 0.3mm, EPS 10kg/m3 
The main configuration instructions: 
1 safety protection device 
To ensure the high pressure paint room, automatic opening the main door, ensure the safety of operating personnel. 
2 lighting system 
The new designs, paint spraying operation without shadow, especially the professional baking room dedicated electronic ballast, light intensity up to 800 lux, while in the low power supply voltage
  • 9001

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