Unarmored Aluminum Alloy Cable

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Unarmored Aluminum Alloy Cable

Product Name: YJHLV(TC90)

The unarmored cable is applicable for aluminum alloy conductor and sectional area from 16mm2 to 400mm2.The type of core conductor is ASTM Grade B compacted,stranded conductor,which comes to GB/T 1838.3-2001 flame retardant Grade C.

Aluminum alloy cable is in great compliance with GB3956,GB12706.1 and various standards of the latest editon of IEC60502.1

Aluminum alloy cable can be used widely on condition that there is no armored mechanical protection.They can be used for feeder lines such as in office building ,hotels, shopping center and factory lighting,socket and other electrical equipment.

Aluminum alloy cable is applicable for using working temperature 90℃,XLPE insulation,and black PVC outer sheath.

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