Armored Aluminum Alloy Cable

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Armored Aluminum Alloy Cable

Product Name:YJHLV8(AC90)

YJHLV8(AC90)is a high flexible self-locking aluminum aluminum armored, 90℃XLPE insulated single core or multi-core low smoke and free halogen Grade A cable.

YJHLV8(AC90) reduces the difficulty in duct wiring and labor cost.The cable has been assembled with highly flexible selflocking aluminum armor and there is no need to conduct the procedures such as duct and its accessories and manual intensive wire drawing, threading and pipe formation.

YJHLV8(AC90) .It can be applied to lay open wiring in non-humid environment.And it applies same performance with the wire laying way of duct. ZA-AC90(-40)is of low smoke and free halogen and is in line with the testing items standards IEC60754,GB1765.2 and GB12706.1.

Product Name:YJHLV82(ACWU90)

ZB-ACWU90(-40) is a highly flexible self-locking aluminum armored,PVC

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