WZ8 Tungsten Electrode

WZ8 Tungsten Electrode

WZ8 Tungsten Electrode

Product ID: WZ8 Tungsten Electro

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WZ8 Tungsten Electrode


Balls up easily in AC applications. Handles higher current with less splitting. Improved arc starts and arc stability. Offers minimal tungsten contamination.

Zirconiated Tungsten Electrode :

Zirconiated Tungsten Electrode boasts a fine performance in welding under the condition of AC and has a good anti-corrosiveness. Especially in the case of high load of current, the Zirconium- Tungsten excellent performance is far better than that of other electrodes. When welded ,the end of Zirconiated Tungsten Electrode remains pellet-shaped,reducing the chance of tungsten oozing. It is suitable for welding magnesium, aluminum and their alloy under alternating current.

More models available:

1) We can supply electrodes of thoriated tungsten, ceriated tungsten, lanthanated
tungsten, zirconiated tungsten pure tungsten.
2) Item: WP, WT20, WC20, WZr3, WZr8, WL10, WL15, WL20
3) Diameter: 0.5- 10.0mm
4) Length: 50.00mm, 75.00mm, 150
  • ISO9001 CE SGS

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