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Active Magnesium Oxide can be used as accelerator and activator in butyl rubber, chloroprene rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, fluorine rubber. It is used as a filler in plastics, paints, papers and adhesives. In pharmaceutical, it is used as gastric antacids and laxatives for duodenal ulcer and hyperacidity. It can be used as a material in ceramics, glass, high-end insulation makings and magnesium oxide cement.

MgO 90% min
Acid-insoluble substance 0.1% max
Loss on ignition 10% max
Cl 0.5% max
SO4 0.5% max
CaO 0.3% max
Fe 0.05% max
Mn 0.003% max
Pb 0.01% max
Packing density 0.25g/ml max
  • ISO9001

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