Ray Hanner Three Telescopic Stick Rejection Personal Security Self Defense Device

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Savage Valley rejection stick - Titanium Black Series

Savage Valley - Titanium Black Series rejection stick is a Savage Valley (YRG BATON) major rejection stick series high-end products. Process stick surface of pure titanium and bright, filling the noble temperament, definitely worth collection!

Savage Valley - Titanium Black Series rejection stick to the golden titanium version, tail cover, stick mouth ring, stick, and club head are the same as the body, using factory patented plasma surface Ti-coated nano-technology, the color was gold, bright color, anti - corrosion, stick rejection by other manufacturers can not match!

* Using the latest precision polishing process, the surface color and bright, the surface is extremely delicate, beautiful and generous!

* Use of imported equipment, exquisite processing technology, ensure the Festival and the perfect combination between sessions and to make stick body straight, lock the strong!

* Admission stick steel card lock manner, and ASP General Motors, the newly designed card life of a special alloy steel is more durable! Allows you to stick out more smoothly!

* Never stick body wear laser engraving LOGO, that the identity of the Department of famous doors, quality assurance!

Savage Valley rejection stick Profile

1 YRG rejection stick to high international standards crafted first-class automatic production lines, refined surface treatment, corrosion resistance, excellent abrasion resistance. Black vinyl comfort grip handle, anti-off control of first-class. Fully shows the steady low-key tactics stick rejection of the traditional style! Performance lead in the world of similar products!

2 YRG rejection thick stick stick-type scalable tactical Lut Lut stick more than the traditional steel operations control, and by space steel manufacturing, have the same durability and stability, using the Swiss high-standard multi-element heat treatment process, the average (52) the hardness and toughness of the performance of a perfect index. Fight fight and tensile strength are up to international standards! ! (Savage Valley rejection stick is the only domestic car rolled dare stick test and successfully received the rejection stick brand)

3 YRG rejection stick by the eight major components: The fight against head, head section, middle section, handles, end caps, steel cards, rubber mat, bright flashlight, each component can be any combination of demolition.

4 YRG rejection stick is only self-defense, martial arts training such as use not to hit vital parts of head and neck! Wipe clean and stored dry after use

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